Fun Run 2 Cheats

Fun Run 2 Cheats: Playing Smarter for Easier Victories

Racing games have always been popular and along with that, the competition is fierce. With the highly successful original version of the game comes the second and more improved version which is Fun Run 2. The fun has even become more exhilarating as a lot of new items, power-ups, and avatars have been added. However, the tough competition could be devastating which is why the Fun Run 2 Cheats is made available for you to take advantage of.

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The Different Leagues

Ranking in Fun Run 2 is set by the term of leagues as there are six of them. If you land on the 41st – 50th place in the weekly finals, you will get demoted except if you are in the Wood, Bronze, or Elite league already. A player is sorted by their rankings based on the weekly list that they have. In each league, players are also categorized by different ranks, of which will reward those players specific prizes depending on how they performed on a particular week.

The lowest league is called the Wood League and this is where new players belong to right away. After playing a game and you manage to win, you will get promoted to the next league which is the Bronze League. The goal this time is to gain at least 200 ratings in a week for you to get promoted to the Silver League. The Silver League contains the most players in the game but if you manage to reach 4000 ratings in a week, you will be placed on the Gold League.

In the Gold League, you will race with the more experienced players in the game. However, if you manage to get 10000 ratings in a week then you will be placed on to an even higher league, which is the Diamond League. Only those talented and active players get to stay in this league as you need play constantly. The highest league is the Elite League as it contains the top players in the week and a list of these famous players can be viewed by every player in the game.

The Tips and Tricks

You have to always stay out of the thorns as this would cause you to slow down and lose the race. The stage that contains most thorns is the Thorny Scrub so if you are situated in such stage, have a watchful eye because there are a lot of these painful obstacles along the way. If you are leading the race, then this could be put on to your advantage by jumping and landing close to the thorns. However, the risks are also high for you to be caught on those thorns as well.

In order to keep a fast pace, you need to build upon your momentum. This can be improved by running when going down the hill since when you are moving to go up the hill, the fast momentum created by running down would help push you further in climbing. Maintaining your run at high speeds in crucial in winning but you do have to consider the many obstacles that could meet you by surprise so evade if these deadly obstacles appear.

The Sneaky Fun Run 2 Cheats

Fun Run 2 CheatsIn-game coins are difficult to earn, especially because they are given out after every race. This is quite time-consuming but there is a way to cheat to have more coins and this is by watching videos. Just go to the IAP store to watch some advertisement videos and for every video you complete, you will be given 20 in-game coins. However, these videos run out but all you need to do is wait for twenty minutes or so then reload it and you will see that you will have another set of videos to watch.

There is another way to earn a few coins and it is located right where you have watched the videos from. They will require you to like some of their pages on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t even bother to really follow them as you could just tap on the button and they will give you some coins. There are a lot of benefits of having in-game coins as you could customize your avatar the way you want.Download Fun Run 2 Cheats

Boosting your speed is crucial so speed strips must be hit. For you to perform that, you have to stay on the ground on most of the race. Some stages have more speed strips than the others but passing through these speed strips would definitely change your odds of winning on any stage. Be a keen observer and make sure that you don’t accidentally jump over a speed strip as this would likely cause you to fail on that particular race.

There are some instances where you get strapped on with a rocket. This would ultimately lead to an explosion so since that is inevitable, you might as well just take down as many players with you if it blows up. The closer you are, then the higher the chances are of yours on killing the other players that you are racing against with.

The Verdict

Although having some simple controls, the game is not that easy to conquer. There are a lot of ways to play the game in terms of how you perform in each race. Considering the many obstacles on the way, these could be evaded by looking ahead of you but also be used up to your advantage. The Fun Run 2 Cheats are simply an aid to give the player the upper hand, although this would obviously depend on the player’s skill as well.

The Fun Run 2 Cheats have no form of messing with the system to create an unfair advantage against the opponent. If you are looking for a hack, then there is the Fun Run 2 Hack that you could read on about. The Fun Run 2 Cheats could appear simple but these are major key factors that every player has to consider in order for them to reach the high leagues.Download Fun Run 2 Cheats

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