Fun Run APK

Fun Run APK: An Exhilarating Deathmatch

Casual racing games are quite fun to play but easily attracts boredom after an hour. It’s a good thing that Fun Run was created because by combining lethal power-ups, it definitely spices up every run. Having this game connected to the internet even takes it to another level as players could compete with random individuals online to showcase their skills in racing. Download the Fun Run APK to try this game out on your Android smartphone or device.

Download Fun Run APK

The Gameplay

Fun Run is a side-scrolling online multiplayer racing game that features several lovable characters for players to choose from. The game focuses solely on two buttons wherein you tap on the right button to jump and the left one to launch the special power-up that you have. The simple gaming mechanics makes it easy yet fun to play allowing all ages to have a go at it.

The catch is the smart usage of the power-ups which also makes the game a bit competitive. The controls appear to be quite simple but the randomness of the power-ups could be the deciding factor on each round. Players could either choose to race against four players on each round and in terms of matchups, there is no problem with the matchmaking system as there are numerous players that are online whenever you get connected.

The Technical Aspects

In terms of handling, the developers have managed to set the jumping control very well. In some instances, you would even let your character up high in up to near flying heights. This can be conducted when you obtain a power-up that boosts your speed, thus allowing a high jump.  In terms of controls, all of which is created to be fair for all of the players. Practice is the key to this fast-paced racing game.

Acquiring special items would give an edge to any player as there are deadly lightning bolts and saw blades that can be utilized to dismember the opponent. Speed bursts greatly affect the outcome of every race because if you are running up front, this would be the power-up that you will be looking for due to the heavy advantage that it could bring to you.

The Brutality

There are several weapons that you could use in the game, wherein some might be a bit tricky to use. All of the weapons available have their own effectiveness in their own special way. If you haven’t played the game yet, it is highly advised to evade those lethal traps as it would halt your goal in reaching the finish line. The game gives a whole lot of fun and action so you need to download the Fun Run APK to enjoy this.

Be sure to practice different characters because you might be surprised by the weapons that they wield. You could perform some counter attacks on the power-ups that your opponents set so a lot of practice runs are required for you to excel in this game. The level of cuteness amounts to the level of brutality that is incorporated in the game, which you could not see very often so get the Fun Run APK while you can.Download Fun Run APK

The Various Customizations

Download Fun Run APKIt would be a dull game without the ability to customize your characters so it is a great addition that they have allowed some items to experiment on. There are a lot of items that are available for you to customize your avatar though you will need to spend some credits on this. You could obtain such in-game currency on every single race that you participate with. However, you do have the option to skip this slow process and spend some real cash to acquire this.

Having these micro-transactions would be great for those who are willing to spend but would be a disappointing thing for those who don’t. Without spending real cash to obtain credit packages, it would really take a long time for you to acquire those awesome and must have gear. On the other hand, micro-transactions are a form of support to the developers of the game so if this is your thing, then it would be up to you if you want to spend some cash or not.

The Verdict

Fun Run is a game that will give out giggles after a few minutes of getting used to. There are a lot of deadly weapons to explore and with regards to the graphical qualities of the game, it is quite okay for the average causal racer. The concept is a bit childish though but having the mix of brutal firearms, it makes the game totally a hit.

The micro-transactions could be a thing that some free-to-play players would mind but in the end, it doesn’t affect the race itself. In order for you to excel in the game, you need to play smart instead of spending more cash. Timing and usage of the power-ups will determine if you will win the game or not. The game is recommended for those casual players who seek fun from time to time.

Is it safe to download the Fun Run APK?

If you don’t have the game installed on to your Android smartphone yet, then you definitely have to download the Fun Run APK as it contains the necessary files to install it on to your device. The Fun Run APK is a trusted file and could easily be downloaded with just a few taps on to your mobile device. It is safe to download the Fun Run APK as it is free from any malicious threats that you could acquire if you download elsewhere.

The Fun Run APK gives all out fun to everyone who is willing to try it out. Having the file on your device would allow you to easily share the game with those people that you wish to compete or just simply have fun with. The game is one that you could try out especially when you have a lot of spare time to spare.

Download Fun Run APK